Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Daily Grind

I mean, seriously...WHY?

It's a good thing he's cute!

"Making noise?  Who me?"

Little Boy Birthdays

Seth and Ammon both have birthdays at the beginning of November.  While it's my goal to give them their own individual celebrations, it just didn't come together this year.  Part of the problem was that Ammon refused to acknowledge that it was his birthday on the actual day and kept screaming that it wasn't his birthday that day because the family party was the next day.  We finally conceded to his demands and didn't even have cake on his actual birthday.  So, in the end we celebrated with family a day late for Ammon, never quite got around to a friend party, and this year, that'll just have to do.  I'll make up for it next year.

Sethie on his actual birthday.  He requested the chocolate pioneer woman sheet cake and I was happy to oblige!

I sure love this kid.  He pushes my buttons better than any child before him, but his big puppy dog eyes melt my heart.  He's super social and adores spending as much time as possible with his friends.  He had a bumpy start to the school year because of his friendly ways, but has settled in well and is loving school.  Seth is very affectionate and loves to snuggle.  He's really done well in soccer this year.  We need to find more ways to burn his extra energy!  Seth is great at unloading the dishwasher and loves to help cook in the kitchen.  He keeps us on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Family party at Red Robin.  Ammon was over the moon about his new scooter.  Seth got one from a friend for his birthday and the boys had been fighting over it for several days.  They both zip around on our hardwood floors together now on their fancy light up scooters.

Ice cream and singing.

Ammon and Auntie
This little brown-eyed cutie is a bundle of fun.  He is a professional mess maker and frequently is leading the charge on some disastrous project or another.  He loves to sing songs and can make my day with his rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle" or "I am a Child of God."  He's opinionated as all get out and loves being outside.  He also loves to help cook and is a whiz at the iphone.  Sometimes his antics frustrate me, but his chubby hands on my cheek make me forget quickly...until the next time anyway.  We're so thankful he's in our family!

Me and Meilani

Papaw and Noah

Sammy, Sylvia and Noah

Sammy and Seth

Papaw and Roob

Seth being sung to at school.  I came and brought doughnut treats for him to share with his class.

We had a park party with friends for Seth.  Ammon thought it was for him too, so we'll call it good enough.

Seth and his buddy Lucy

This little guy is a friend from school.  Seth must have told him that he likes My Little Pony because he gave him a couple little ponies for a gift.  His mom questioned me about it, making sure it was really on Seth's toy list.  We both got a good giggle.

Pizza and mini cupcakes...can't go wrong.

Ruby kept sneeking cupcakes when I'd turn my back.  She was in heaven.

aaaand, sugar crash in the swing.

Young Women in Excellence

For Young Women in Excellence our theme was "Diamonds in the Rough."  It was a great night.  I always love hearing from the young women about their experiences with Personal Progress.  They are all growing in the gospel and strengthening their testimonies and it brings me so much joy.  I sure love these girls.  They are radiant and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to work with them.  They strengthen me!  I also adore the women who work with me as leaders.  There's a special love and bond with these ladies who are a constant source of light and support.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


She was going to be a ballerina but her pink tutu pajamas were dirty.  This was a last minute grab from the Halloween box.

Ammon the pirate. 

Seth the firefighter.

Liam the Christmas elf

And Sariah as Rosie the Riveter.  This was the easiest and cutest costume to put together!  She pulls it off well.

Eli wanted a hamburger costume.  No picking from the bin for this kid.

My niece Abby, also as Tinkerbell.

These two are so funny together.

At the ward party:

Heading out to trick-or-treat with friends.

The only pic I managed to get of Meilani.  She and her friend from school were pigs in a blanket.

October Happenings

I love when little kids line toys up.  Ammon made a car/box line up after a Costco run one day.

This is how I get my Sunday church lesson planned.  Liam was on Ruby duty.

Ben borrowed a red Mustang convertible for the Mountain House High School Homecoming parade. He tried to tell me it was our new car.  Riiiight.

Our bookends.  Sweet sissys.

These two like to snuggle in the Costco cart.  I missed the moment but Ruby had her head on his shoulder.

This little sucker staying busy while I got my hair cut.

Homegirl learned how to climb on the table all byherself.

These boys had a bake sale to earn money for scout camp.

This is what an $800 Costco shopping trip looks like.

Meilani's 8th grade volleyball team.  Go Panthers!

Puddle jumping on Halloween.

Sister Wheeler

One of my young women, Brittney Wheeler, left on a mission recently and I had the privilege to be her escort as she received her endowments in the Oakland Temple.  Brittney amazes me and demonstrates well how the Atonement of Jesus Christ changes a person.  Brittney will be serving in the New York, New York South Mission speaking Hatian Creole.  I'm thankful that our paths have crossed and appreciate greatly her sweetness and determination.  It's been a great joy to see her grow in the gospel.  So so proud of this girl!

New Bikes

I tried to hold out until Christmas but everyone needed new bikes.  The old ones were broken and the kids had outgrown them.  Since the four oldest ride to school everyday it was kind of imperative that they have them.  The day Sariah came home with the tread of her tires completely ripped off set the bike purchases in motion.  
Sethie learned to ride a two wheeler like a pro.

Ammon fell in love with this motorcycle bike the moment he saw it.

Sariah's also been honing her boarding skills as of late.