Thursday, September 25, 2014

Best Babysitter

Sweet Meilani.  We make her babysit all the time.  We have her convinced that it's professional development.  We tease her that she's lucky we don't take a cut from her real jobs for the education and on the job training we provide.  Hahahaha.  We frequently come home to this:

New Kitty

I went to the church to drop off a cake and came home with a cat.  The missionaries found an abandoned kitten in the church parking lot and insisted that I take it home to save it's life, since I happend to be the only one at the church in the middle of the day.  And well, I'm a sucker.  Ammon and Ruby are in love.  Seth's a little afraid of him but he's getting more confident.  He's a really sweet cat and tolerates the man handling by the kids like a champ.  
We named him Owen.  The guy at the pet store who gave the Joy School kids a tour and showed me the cheapest litter box has a tabby named Owen, so it seemed fitting.

He loves hanging out in the backyard and playing with the kids.

Ruby kisses! food.

Joy School Cuties

Sethie and his Joy School buddies during the last week of class.  It's been a fun year with these cuties.  Several of them, including Seth, qualify for Transitional Kindergarten next year, so it's a little bitter sweet that we won't keep our class together.  It was a hard decision because I love Joy School and have done two years with all my kids, but after much consideration, we decided that Seth will do better in a more formal school setting, going everyday rather than just twice a week.  

Cherry Picking

The littles and I went cherry picking with our friends.  Cherries were slim pickings this year because of the drought.  Luckily my friend Brandi had the hook up and we still got our fill.  

Sibling Bonding

To occupy Seth one day, Meilani made this life size self portrait with him.  He was in heaven...well, until Ammon and Ruby ripped it to shreds.  Fun while it lasted as they say.

Mother's Day

Truth be told, I'm so behind on blogging that I can't remember what we did on Mother's Day.  I remember it being a good day though.  I didn't let myself feel the guilt that usually accompanies this holiday and instead relished in the humorous chaos of our family, soaking in the kids funny little personalities and dirty wet kisses.  I vaguely remember getting breakfast and gifts in bed, and I know we went to church.  Pretty fuzzy after that but I did insist that we attempt a picture.  We were cracking up through the whole thing.  Here's a few of my favs.  They drive me crazy sometimes, and this live is nothing short of daily hardness, but I love these people more than life itself.  I love being mom.

Sariah made this little gem at Activity Days for me.  Her leaders were in stitches.  I was too.  It's a keeper!

Well, well, look at that.  After posting the pictures above I found these.  Turns out we went to my mom's for family dinner.  The importance of taking pictures, I tell ya.

And an oldie but a goodie of me and my mommy!  Sure love her!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Piano Recital

Meilani, Eli, Sariah, and Liam had a piano recital in May.  It's been just over a year since the three oldest started lessons and they've really progressed, in large part to their amazing teacher.  Sister Adams-Hart is so kind and patient and I love the calming influence she is in our lives.  I joke that I should pay her for the therapy I get when we have a chance to chat after lessons each week.  She's a gem and it's a total joy to see my kids acquiring a new talent, especially since it's a talent I lack and wish I had.  Although nagging about practice is not my favorite, I'm finding our house filled with piano tunes more and more often and I've come to love the sound of hard work!  Some serious life lessons have come to us through piano and I couldn't be more hindsight anyway!