Friday, August 15, 2014

Liam's Birthday Party

We had a pajama party to celebrate Liam's 7th birthday.  The kids didn't care that we were more than a month late in celebrating.  Fun was had by all!

Donut eating

Egg race

Sleeping bag races

and a dance party.

Fun times, good friends.

Happy Birthday Liam!  We sure love this boy!  We found out at his parent/teacher conference this year that he's quite different at school than he is at home, in a good way.  His teacher was a little surprised when we asked if he got angry or growled at school.  Ha!  His strong will and friendly attitude will make him a great leader among his peers as he grows (and grows and grows...we still can't feed him enough!).

Cutie Ruby

Grandmom kisses

This happy girl...

loves corn...

and pickles...

and flour...

and dirt.

This is how I get dinner made.

Looking pretty!  Oh how I love this little girl.  She is THE sweetest thing.  Even strangers comment on how happy she is.  She smiles at everyone and offers our family a little calm during the storms.  She has recently found her walking feet and her voice and has a little streak of mischievousness thanks to her older brothers.  Oh how we love our Wubs!

Impromptu Music Lesson

The kids love playing around withthe instruments we have in the garage from time to time.  We might have some brass players in our family!

Crazy Easter

The details are fuzzy now, but Easter Sunday was a complete disaster.  Getting ready in the morning was rough.  That part was typical.  No one could find shoes, everyone was pretty ornery and we left for church basically in a huff.  We buckled everyone in the car while we tried to gather the last few necessities for church.  As we got in the car Ammon announced that he was all wet.  Meilani assured us he spilled water in his lap so we pressed on, running late of course.  Once at church we determined that the moistness in Ammon's lap was NOT water.  I wanted to go home.  Ben said we should just stay.  Ben sat on the stand because he was conducting the choir and I wrestled my children alone in the pew with tears streaming down my face as they acted up like normal.  In the moment it all just felt like too much.  Ammon was soaking wet down to his socks and shoes and I was done.  I sent one of the young men I know up to the stand to get the keys from Ben so I could run Ammon home to clean him up.  Upon climbing into the car, the engine wouldn't start.  I then went to the bathroom for a good hard cry.  In the meantime Sariah came to find me at the car and had a little meltdown when she couldn't find me.  One sweet friend obviously inspired to check on me came out and offered a hug while I sobbed.  She came to the rescue with clean undies, theses awesome red shorts Ammon's sporting, and socks.  It was heaven sent.  We made it through the next couple hours of church then had our van jumped so we could get home to our house which was already full of family for Easter dinner.  We got about a mile from the church when our van quit working all together.  We coasted to side road and used the last 2% of cell phone battery to call our family for a rescue and a tow truck for our van.  After eating a dinner we didn't have to cook and an egg hunt later we were are a little calmer.  I was discouraged that church was less than ideal on the one Sunday we really should reflect on the sacrifice of our Savior.  I realize though, in hindsight, that every tender little mercy (friends, a little cell battery, rescuers, etc) was a gift from a Heavenly Father who loves me and knows I'm trying.  Easter Sunday was less than ideal but because of the grace of the Atonement of Christ, I can try again tomorrow with more patience and humor along the way.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Patterson Pass

Ben likes to take the kids up to the top of Patterson Pass Road on really windy days.  The view is great and the wind is strong!



...and mud, Ruby's favorite snacks.

Cute Girls

These two cuties had to get in on the prom corsage action while I was making them for some high school friends.  I have a feeling their time will come upon me all to quickly!