Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rise and Shout!

BYU came to town to play Cal.  Our good friend is on the Alumni board and hooked us up with tickets in exchange for help at the Alumni BBQ.  We were happy to oblige!

Sariah and I were sign wavers, helping all the Coug fans to get to the right spot.  Lessons from that day:  Cougar fans are nice, polite, and friendly.  Even the lds Cal fans stopped to say hello and even took some pics with us.  Cal fans on the other hand...well, I hate to make rash generalizations, but there were more than a couple people who made really rude comments about us "drinking the kool-aid" and such.  There were a few nasty comments that I won't post here.  In the end, GO COUGS!

Eli and Meilani helped with face paint during the tailgate party while Liam and Ben covered will call and security.  The game was really exciting.  We only took the big kids because we knew it would be a long day.  We weren't sure how Liam would do because he's kind of squirrely at times, but he was engaged and loving the big kid time with Mom and Dad.


We had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmom's this year.  It was really nice not to have to cook and clean, especially because Ben spent the entire week catching up on assignments for his doctoral program.  Just before Thanksgiving, his professor told him that he was so behind in his work that she had serious concerns about him continuing in the program.  We both kind of panicked!  Ben was convinced that he would be forced to take a year off to make up a few classes and I was sure that there was no way in heck I wanted to spend anymore time with Ben in school, so I basically chanted like the little engine that could for several weeks while he worked like a dog.  We didn't see him at all during Thanksgiving break, except for Thanksgiving dinner.  He even worked on the holiday and met us just to eat.  In the end he did finish all his assignments.  We had to wait several weeks to find out that he did in fact pass all his classes and was cleared to take the comprehensive exams in December.  We heaved a collective sigh of relief and Ben surprised himself.  One hurdle down...several more to go.  I knew he could do it all along!

My dad requested framed pictures of the kids for his Christmas gift, so I took these in Grandmom's backyard on Thanksgiving in preparation.  My Grandad built that brick wall in the background.  Sure do miss him!

I framed this one for Grandmom for Christmas.

Sariah, always a fan of the turkey leg.

Potato boy

Still pretty cute after all these years!

Ruby kept trying to lick Princess, the dog.  We were all cracking up.

Us big girls did a little "grey Thursday" shopping after we'd all stuffed ourselves.  I felt a little guilty because I don't want all those workers having to go in on a holiday, but we had a blast, and I think just established a new Thanksgiving tradition!

Farley Fun

During Thanksgiving break we met up with our good buddies, the Farleys.  We played at the park, went to lunch and dinner, and saw Big Hero 6 together.  Always fun to catch up!  Sure wish they lived closer!

Sam's dad works as Santa's helper so we got VIP Santa treatment and didn't have to pay for a photo.  Seth and Ammon were confused when they heard Eden call him Grandpa.  

When Santa met us for dinner later in his casual clothes, Ammon was super confused.  It was funny!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ASB President!

I'm way late in posting this because the picture wasn't in my photo stream but Meilani was elected the ASB President at her school this year.  There was some stiff competition and she learned some important lessons in integrity during the campaigning process.  So so proud of our girl.  Sh's a great leader and is doing a wonderful job to support and serve her school community.

Sean's Engagement Party

The whole fam, minus Ben, who was at school that weekend, attended Lori and Sean's engagement party.  It was nice to meet her family and a treat to spend adult only time with mine.  They announced that they'd tie the knot on her parents' anniversary on September 12th.  Looking forward to a fall wedding!

USS Hornet

Eli's scout troop got to have a campout on an aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet.  Ben couldn't go because he had school that weekend, but Abba came to the rescue and went in his stead.

The boys all thought the event was cool.

When Eli got home he seemed a little off, then came to me in tears after his shower to tell me that Abba had bought me a Rosie the Riveter shirt on the ship, but that he lost it somewhere before getting home.  He felt so awful and didn't want me or Abba to be upset, which made me tear up.  Hugs all around.  Love my sweet boy.

Soccer All Star

Sariah made one of the all star soccer teams.  She was on Team Mexico and got to play in the finals on Ben's high school field.  The kids were all pretty psyched about the whole thing but got tired quickly as the high school field is WAY longer than what they're used to playing on.  Sariah's team won and we all had fun watching her play under the big lights.

Meg came out to watch too and these cousies had fun reeking havoc on the bleachers.

I love that she stopped playing even without a whistle to help her teammate who was hurt.